Ignorance is deadly.

Ignorance perpetuates disease, poverty, and failure.

Ignorance produces constant loss in our lives.


Small keys unlock golden doors.

Small hinges swing big doors.

Archimedes said: "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

Small changes can create great futures.


I have noticed throughout the years that life involves a collection of realities.

Discovering those realities can radically change the course of your life --instantly-- forever.

Years ago, my papaw introduced me to the concept of visualization and the results of it in your life. When I began to work with the Reality of Visualization, my energy, health, and even the quality of my relationships changed. When I discovered the Reality of Words, the powerful force of speaking your future into existence, my life was changed forever.

When God began to birth the revelation of "DIFFERENCE", I knew I had tapped into one of the most powerful, undiscovered secrets of life.

For years after that, I kept hearing inside of me: "Your Difference Determines Your Rewards In Life."

I knew it contained a wisdom mystery, a powerful code, a hidden message to my spirit.

But I really did not know how it applied.

But that statement persisted — echoing in my spirit and soul.

Then, like a million sun bursting on the horizon...I saw it. Instantly I saw this Reality at work in every person around me.

I knew why the successful succeeded.

I knew why people around me had failed.

I knew the force behind uncommon and victorious success.


The Reality of Difference.


As I studied the Bible, the greatest book on earth, it was revealed and illuminated like never before. I reviewed my personal life. It was like a huge neon sign . . . The Reality of Difference.


Anything Unrecognized Becomes Uncelebrated.
Anything Uncelebrated Becomes Unrewarded.
Anything Unrewarded Eventually Exits Your Life.


I knew this Diamond Reality for Uncommon Life must be shared with every person I met for the rest of my life.

It can heal any wound within you.

It can unleash more enthusiasm than you have ever known.

It will force unhappy memories to die within you.

It will correct your focus, create a magnetism around you, and cause those in high places to pursue your company and relationship.

This Reality is the missing link you have searched for throughout your life.

It will move you from poverty to prosperity.

It will replace sorrow with laughter.

It will answer the questions buried within you for a lifetime.

The DIFFERENCE is the Diamond Bridge to the greatest season of your life.

I desperately want to help you succeed being Your YOUEST You so you can become WHO YOU ARE: Once In A Lifetime.


That is why I am here for you, why I am YOUR truest fan. 


-- Jersey Howard Co
A Slave To None, A Servant To All