What I do is ME: for this I was born; for that I came.


Annie Dillard said: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

I spend my days obsessing about inspiring you to be Your YOUEST You so that you can be THE DIFFERENCE and breathe Your ONCE IN A LIFETIME.

To become more successful and free, do not change who you are, become more of who you are.


I help individuals discover their difference and how it naturally captivates others + how to build their life around it.

If you are an entrepreneur, I help people like you build a business that is worth spending your life on.


Your future is in YOUR DIFFERENCE.

Your income is in YOUR DIFFERENCE.

Your good success is in YOUR DIFFERENCE.

YOUR DIFFERENCE determines your rewards.

Your point of difference is NOT: income, race, gender, IQ, pedigree, etc.

As much as we might like to think we are all 100% special, we are not. We are all unique but not all of us are different. We are 99% average. Your humanness is 99% the same as everyone else's. Only a minuscule amount defines our difference.

Your 1% is your distinct difference.  It is your own zone of greatness, your flow of giftedness.

Your point of difference is your DNA [Divine Natural Advantage (Aptitude, Awareness, Awesomeness, Amazement)] .



Years ago, I ran across a statement from Oswald Chambers: “Soak continually in the one great truth of which you have had a vision; take it to bed with you, sleep with it, rise up in the morning with it. Continually bring your imagination into captivity to it and slowly and surely as the months and years go by, God will make you one of His specialists in that particular truth.”

This is what I have done with the subject of DIFFERENCE for more than 20 years, if not my whole life.

This is not about what you can do, but about who you are. This is not about what you are good at, but what the difference that God has breathed in you. This is not about finding a job, but finding your life. This is not about finding a solution to the situation you are in, but about deciphering your life as it unfolds in and around that situation.

You see, your life is far deeper, far weightier than you have probably come to believe, and that is why all of the career, calling, or personality tests, assessments, and indicators have not helped a great deal or at a profound level. You are more than you have imagined, and there is more going on than you have probably been led to believe.



My Mission is to:

in YOU so that YOU can



My name is Jersey.

I am weird, strange, different, RARE.

I am NOT like anyone you have ever met before.

I am and happen only once in your lifetime.

And if I wanted to impress you, I would be myself.


Heck, you should be. 😉

Here is to becoming more of who you already are.