The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is introducing new rules about the use of testimonials.

The gist is: From now on you can’t just quote the happiest and most successful testimonials, you have to disclose how “everybody” does and what “average” is.

Some people are very, very concerned about this.

I happily confess that when I get emails with glowing success stories, I ask for permission to use them and post them on the website.

I have never taken a survey to find out what the average result is; I do not know what the “average result” is. But I can give you a pretty darn reasonable estimate, based on some 80/20 math.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the entire spectrum of the people I serve success and failure – from bottom to top:

-The bottom 20% do NOTHING. Like, they buy the ebook or the mp3 or the bookstore book and it goes on the shelf or in a folder on their hard drive. They do not read it, they do not listen to it, they do not benefit from it. Some of them may put it under their pillow in hopes that some of its contents will leak into their brains as they sleep. The number of people who do NOTHING may be more than 20%. It may be 50%.

-60% do little. Maybe listen to a little bit, maybe skim through, maybe pick up some pointers. I do believe that these people get some benefit from that.

That, I believe, is what the TYPICAL customer gets.

-Which brings us to the top 20%. This is the group of people who really takes the process seriously. 20% of my customers/clients read, learn, and apply. They learn about “peel and stick” or go to work (evolve). 

-10% make it a habit. They don’t just do this once, they do it every few days or every few weeks and over a period of months begin to see very significant improvements. 

-5% are truly students of the process. They do all of the above but in addition they truly attempt to get “inside the mastery”. I get LOTS of testimonials from these guys and gals.

-2% Do all of the above but do it obsessively, and if they don’t know how to do something they find out how. They figure out the how to outside of my help. They figure out how to do their life and they do it regularly. They avail themselves of every educational opportunity and they have the attitude that they only need to learn and implement ONE solid idea from a seminar or coaching program and it will pay for itself several times over. I get LOTS of testimonials from these people.

(More disclosure: just because you’re a top 10% or top 5% or top 2% or 1% implementor does NOT guarantee success. Even the best students fail from time to time. Some may fail as much as TWO THIRDS of the time. BUT: They look at unsuccessful projects as TESTING and not FAILURE. We learn to not take it personally.)
-1% Embrace total mastery. It is not enough for to just have a great life, they want to BE THE BEST. 
This top 1% is committed to mastery – day in and day out – during plateaus and during times of great prosperity. Either way, they put themselves under the mentoring of the best people they can find and they learn with diligence. 
This STILL does not guarantee success.
I do not guarantee success.
As I have always said: we do NOT need more teachers, we need more EXAMPLES.
Remember, what I promise is MORE YOU.
LIFE will for sure come (much more effortlessly), so will people, and so will money.
.-- Jersey Howard Co