How should you judge yourself?

How should you judge how you are doing?

Most people, not surprisingly, fall into the trap set by the MSM.

(And when I say “MSM”, I’m not referring to anything political whatsoever. I’m more referring to TV, Hollywood, and major magazines.)

If we went by the mental fluff they feed the masses with, then we would judge ourselves based on a set scale of Right or Wrong, and Smart or Dumb.

This is a TRAP.


Get married, get a mortgage and a good-paying job?

Good little boy. You are doing things right…

Choose to never get married?

Bad! You’re doing life wrong!

Choose to move around a lot and not buy a home?

Didn’t you hear, you’re doing life wrong!

Choose to start a business?

NO! You’re not getting it, WRONG.

We’ll find a way to punish this, just you watch mister.


Their game is simple yet effective in controlling millions of good people.

It goes like this:

Live as we say, and you’re safe.

Live another way, and you’re not.


Their weaponry of choice is judgement and condemnation. And with it, they stop MANY, MANY people from living their difference and walking their own path.

(And when you are not walking your path, not showing up as Your YOUEST You, your truest you, you end up with all kinds of troubles and anxieties that will not go away until you breakthrough and start living as the real you.)

I am not here to tell you what is “ok” and what is “not ok”.

I do not judge on the scale.

I want you to be free.

I want you to celebrate your life.

And I want you to judge not by ok or not ok, nor by smart or dumb.


Think: If you say something strange in conversation, spontaneously, it just comes out of you authentically, they will call it dumb.

In fact, YOU will call it dumb, or stupid.

(That is how you know this trap has worked on you.)

But it is not dumb nor stupid.

If it flowed spontaneously out of you, then it is courageously vulnerable and beautiful.

The goal is not to be ok or not ok.

The goal is to be YOU.

100% YOU.

That’s the person we all love, and connect with, and are magnetized towards.


The real YOU.



Authenticity is the most magnetic thing in the world.


Bless up.


You were meant to LIVE as a bonafide original, today and all days after.





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