Do you remember that scene in the movie Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade where Harrison Ford is standing on the edge of a canyon leading into the holy grail…

… there was no way to cross the canyon.

… he knows he has to take a leap of faith but it is super scary… because it is literally impossible to leap over this canyon.

What happens next?



Well, he takes ONE step forward.

And a magical bridge appears that allows him to cross the canyon, step by step.


Sometimes, you just have to take the leap.


I remember when I joined a mastermind, years ago.

I remember writing a check for $10,000 and my hand shaking a little because I was not sure what would happen next.

It ended up being one of the best decisions of my life.

(this is the same thing for every LEAP i did over the years.)

Now did I feel ready for it?

Heck no!

Was I nervous?

Of course!

But I took a deep breath and took the leap.

And that is what pushed me to take my business to the next level.


And this 2017, I am making other leaps into other dimensions that will surely alter every single thing in my life.

Is it time for you to make the leap in your life / relationships / business ?






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